Premenarche bilateral giant juvenile fibroadenoma of breast: literature review with a case report


  • Mezhuneituo Raleng Department of Surgical Oncology, Health City Hospital, Assam, India
  • Sameer Anand Department of Surgery, M M Medical College and Hospital, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Shailesh Kannur Department of Surgery, BLDE Shri B M Patil Hospital, Karnataka, India



Fibroadenoma, Giant, Premenarche, Bilateral, Breast


Fibroadenoma is a common abnormality which every surgeon has been exposed to, and there are several international guidelines regarding its management. However giant fibroadenomas, especially in the premenarche setting has been a rare occurrence, even for the experienced surgeon. Various reports have shown that we need to treat this condition more aggressively than the normal fibroadenoma, and issues of cosmesis in a developing breast along with the aim to preserve lactation functionality becomes an issue. Since these cases remain a single life time experience for most surgeons, there is a sparsity of treatment protocols even in literature. Through this paper we hope to shed some valuable insight to this rare disorder and help surgeon colleagues, when dealing with similar cases.

Author Biographies

Mezhuneituo Raleng, Department of Surgical Oncology, Health City Hospital, Assam, India

Senior Consultant

Department of Surgical Oncology



Sameer Anand, Department of Surgery, M M Medical College and Hospital, Himachal Pradesh, India


Department of General Surgery

Shailesh Kannur, Department of Surgery, BLDE Shri B M Patil Hospital, Karnataka, India

Assistant Professor

Department of Surgery


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