An unusual case of right iliac fossa lump-spigelian hernia: a case report


  • Birma Ram Department of Radiodiagnosis, Command Hospital Kolkata (WB), India
  • Manoj Gopinath Department of Radiodiagnosis, Command Hospital Kolkata (WB), India
  • Saroj Chaudhary Department of Surgery, Command Hospital Kolkata (WB), India
  • Desymol Johnson Department of Surgery, Command Hospital Kolkata (WB), India



Spigelian hernia, intestinal obstruction, Ultrasonography, Computed tomography


Spigelian hernia is a relatively uncommon hernia of anterior abdominal wall, occurring in different anatomical tissue planes. It is a variant of inter-parietal hernia. Preoperative diagnosis of obstructed inter-parietal hernia is based on imaging. Once correctly diagnosed it is easily amenable to surgical repair. We present a case of Spigelian hernia presenting as right iliac fossa lump with features of small bowel obstruction.


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