An unusual presentation of mycotic aneurysm of popliteal artery and the challenges faced: a case report


  • Obed Manuel Kuruvilla Department of General Surgery, Believers Church Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla, Kerala, India
  • Arun Narayanapanicker Department of Cradiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvalla, Kerala, India
  • Anu Tresa Antony Department of Pathology, Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Kalaburagi, Karnataka, India



Mycotic aneurysm, Popliteal artery, Cerebrovascular accident, Thrombosis


Mycotic aneurysm of popliteal artery is a very rare condition, most commonly caused by gram positive organisms. This term was coined by William Osler describing aneurysms associated with bacterial endocarditis. Though cases of peripheral vessel mycotic aneurysm are very rare, it is a dangerous condition as it can go for rupture/ thrombosis. The treatment of choice is resection and revascularization, preferably by using autologous vein graft along with antibiotics. A 35-year-old female who presented with features of cerebrovascular accident, during the course of stay was diagnosed to have mycotic aneurysm of the left popliteal artery. We describe the clinical course, investigation findings and challenges faced in management of the case.

Author Biography

Obed Manuel Kuruvilla, Department of General Surgery, Believers Church Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla, Kerala, India

general surgery


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