Comparative study of surgical management of chronic pancreatitis


  • Vinaya Ambore Department of Surgery, Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Vismaya K. B. Department of Surgery, Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Rihan Rashid Department of Surgery, Grant Government Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Chronic pancreatitis, Surgical treatment, Laparoscopic pancreatojejunostomy


Background: Chronic pancreatitis is a chronic inflammatory disease, characterised by irreversible, progressive destruction of pancreatic tissue, with progressive fibrosis of pancreas, leading to progressive loss of both exocrine and endocrine function. Chronic pancreatitis is characterised by the patient complaining of relentless pain abdomen with its radiation to the back, the history of persistent vomiting, which forces the patient to take. The surgical procedure can be carried out either via open approach or laparoscopically. The purpose of this thesis is to study the various methods of how surgical management can be provided to the patients and to compare the outcomes of these methods in terms of the length of the patient’s hospital stays and various intra op and post op complications.

Methods: A total of 50 patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis undergoing elective pancreaticojejunostomy in Grant government medical college, Mumbai during the time period of October 2020 to September 2022 were included in this prospective cohort study.

Results: The mean age of the study population was 36.6 years, and significant improvement was seen in laparoscopic method with mean blood loss of 104 ml, initiation of enteral nutrition of 4 days and average length of hospital stay being 8 days.

Conclusions: This work significantly advances our understanding of various operative techniques of pancreatojejunostomy laparoscopic and open. This study aims to study the various advantages and disadvantages of one technique over the other.


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