Sliding inguinal hernia: a technical challenge


  • Ketan Vagholkar Department of Surgery, D.Y. Patil University School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Tanay Purandare Department of Surgery, D.Y. Patil University School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Sliding, Inguinal, Hernia, Treatment


Sliding inguinal hernia continues to be the most challenging hernia to treat. Both diagnosis and treatment pose a dilemma to the attending surgeon. Understanding the pathological anatomy of the sliding inguinal hernia is essential for optimal choice of surgical procedure without causing damage to the involved viscera. A case of sliding inguinal hernia is presented to highlight the diagnostic and technical challenges for repair of sliding hernia. Majority of sliding hernias are diagnosed at the time of surgery. Sigmoid colon is a commonest content in a left sided sliding hernia. Bevan’s technique is best suited to deal with the sac followed by Lichtenstein tension-free mesh repair.




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