Clinical, radiological and surprise diagnosis of femoral hernia


  • Chinmay Sumatilal Gandhi Department of General Surgery, BVDUMC and H, Sangli, Maharashtra, India
  • Dajiram G. Mote Department of General Surgery, BVDUMC and H, Sangli, Maharashtra, India



Femoral hernia, Open femoral hernia repair, Hybrid femoral hernia repair, Laparoscopic femoral hernia repair


The author has treated three cases of femoral hernias over the years. Femoral hernias are rare compared to inguinal hernias. Here, there were varied clinical presentations of all femoral hernias. Obstruction, strangulation and groin swelling were the presentations observed. Management of all varies according to presentation. Because of narrow neck and stiff femoral canal chances of complications are more. Use of minimal access techniques may reduce the morbidity of surgical treatment in emergency.


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