Giant ovarian endometrioma presenting as intestinal obstruction


  • Dhruv Kundra Department of Surgery, Medeor Hospital, Qutab, New Delhi, India
  • Megha Panwar Department of Gynaecology, Medeor Hospital, Qutab, New Delhi, India



Endometrioma, Chocolate cyst, Intestinal obstruction


Ovarian endometriomas, also commonly referred to as chocolate cysts are seldom found in postmenopausal women. Ovarian endometriomas rarely exceed 10-15 cm in diameter. Its symptoms are non-specific and presentation as acute intestinal obstruction is extremely rare. The present case is of a 66 years old postmenopausal female who presented with symptoms of acute intestinal obstruction. On investigation she was detected with a large right ovarian mass occupying almost entire abdominal cavity and adherent to appendix. She underwent exploratory laparotomy with complete excision of mass and appendicectomy.


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