Peritoneal dermoid cyst, rare location with no other primary focus: a rare case report


  • Sai Sampath Kumar Vasantham Department of General Surgery, Apollo Hospitals Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Jameel Akhter Department of General Surgery, Apollo Hospitals Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Dermoid cyst, Peritoneum, Vague abdominal pain, Surgery


Growth of dermoid cyst on parietal peritoneum without any prior history of ovarian dermoid cyst is considered a rare condition. The presentation of peritoneal dermoid cyst is vague and depends on the location of the cyst. We report a case of a 28-year-old young female who presented at our outpatient department with vague right upper quadrant pain and no other complaints, but upon examination a swelling was felt on the right upper quadrant, she was investigated radiologically, which reported as a peritoneal cyst, she was taken up for surgery. The cyst was excised and confirmed histopathologically as a dermoid cyst. Clinical progress was uneventful and postoperative recovery was excellent.


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