A rare case of perianal granular cell tumour in a 75-year-old female


  • Georgia T. Cox Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland, Australia
  • Madison B. Bowles Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland, Australia




Granular cell tumour, Perianal, Surgical excision


Granular cell tumours (GCTs) are a rare type of soft tissue tumour that can be found in many anatomical locations however its occurrence in the perianal region is exceedingly rare. GCT typically presents as a firm painless mass, and therefore, it may be mistaken for other more common anorectal pathology. Most are benign, however 1-2% of GCTs are malignant. Complete surgical excision is recommended for accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment. This case reports a 75-year-old female who was found to have a perianal GCT.


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