Published: 2022-10-29

Multidisciplinary management of gastrocolic fistula post ingestion of multiple magnetic beads: a case report

Niraj Bhusakhare, Arpan Jain, Nitin Sharma, Vinod Singh, Sanjay Goyal, Jogesh C. Marhual, Samir Kathale


Foreign body ingestion is quite common in pediatric population, and these cases are usually difficult to manage due to delay in diagnosis. Ingestion of multiple magnetic foreign bodies together is very dangerous and can lead to serious complications like bowel obstruction, fistula and even death. Urgent endoscopic retrieval followed by surgical exploration, if required remains the best approach for removing multiple ingested magnets, thus preventing further injury to the gastrointestinal tract. We report a case of a 2-year-old child who developed a gastrocolic fistula following the ingestion of multiple magnetic beads, which remained undiagnosed weeks after ingestion. Most of the magnetic beads were successfully retrieved endoscopically, however a few remained despite extensive search. Hence the patient underwent emergency laparotomy which showed a gastrocolic fistula, was subsequently repaired after removal of remaining magnetic beads remaining magnetic beads from the colon.


Magnetic, Foreign body, Fistula

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