Aggressive angiomyxoma of vulva: a rare and interesting entity


  • Suman Kharkwal Department of Surgical Oncology, ESIC Model Hospital & PGIMSR, Basaidarapur, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Sushanta Sarkar Department of Surgical Oncology, ESIC Model Hospital & PGIMSR, Basaidarapur, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Keerthana G. Department of Surgical Oncology, ESIC Model Hospital & PGIMSR, Basaidarapur, New Delhi, Delhi, India



Angiomyxoma, Vulva, Aggressive, Recurrent


We report a case of a 44-year-old female with aggressive angiomyxoma arising from right labia majora. The patient presented with a gradually enlarging vulvar mass and was treatment included wide local excision of the mass with R0 resection. Pre operative and final histopathology was consistent with features of aggressive angiomyxoma. Angiomyxoma is a rare, benign, locally infiltrative mesenchymal tumor that occurs in females at reproductive age. Repeated recurrence and locally invasive characteristics of the tumor makes it important to be considered as a part of the differential diagnosis especially in cases of pelvic mass in females.


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