Early outcome of total abdominoplasty in thirty cases


  • Iqbal Ahmed Department of Plastic Surgery, M. Abdur Rahim Medical College, Dinajpur, Bangladesh
  • M. Farouqe Hossain Department of Plastic Surgery, Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic surgery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • M. Asaduzzaman Department of Urology, M. Abdur Rahim Medical College, Dinajpur, Bangladesh




Abdominoplasty, Complication, Outcome, Obesity


Background: Abdominoplasty, a popular cosmetic surgery, has improved in recent years. Kelly helped minimize abdominal fat and skin. Medical institutions are diagnosing and treating obesity at an increasing pace. The research aimed to examine early post-abdominoplasty outcomes.

Methods: This prospective observational study was carried out from July 2014 to April 2015. Patients admitted at the plastic surgery department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital and different private hospitals in Dhaka with excess abdominal skin and abdominal wall laxity due to various reasons like previous pregnancy or massive weight reduction were the study population. A total of 30 cases that fulfilled the enrolment criteria were selected from the study population.

Results: Most of the patients (26, 86.67%) were female, 76% of them were married. The mean age at the time of operation was 41.3 years. The overall complication rate was 40% with few major complication (4, 13.33%) and the maximum portion was minor (9, 30%). The most frequent was seroma (3, 10%), infection (2, 6.67%), hematoma (2, 6.67%), wound dehiscence (1, 3.33%), partial flap loss (2, 6.67%) and umbilical stenosis (1, 3.33%), epidermolysis (1, 3.33%), deep vein thrombosis (DVT) (1, 3.33%). Patients’ satisfaction was scored as very good (19, 66.3%), good (9, 30%), satisfactory (2, 6%). No patient scored his satisfaction as poor or very poor.

Conclusions: Abdominoplasty is safe and comfortable. Patients were happy with the treatment and had improved symptoms with little health hazards. There were mild problems, especially with wound healing. Minor difficulties were simply treated in an office.

Author Biography

Iqbal Ahmed, Department of Plastic Surgery, M. Abdur Rahim Medical College, Dinajpur, Bangladesh

Assistant Professor, Department of plastic surgery


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