Published: 2022-06-27

A case of spontaneous gastric perforation in a 3 years old male child

Pinak Pani Dhar, Abhik Dey


A 3 years old boy attended emergency department with history of abdominal distension, fever, vomiting, loose stools for 5 days. The boy was suffering from epilepsy from last 1 year of age and was under treatment. From history and clinical examination, it seemed to be a case of peritonitis. Abdominal ultrasound revealed debrigenous free fluid in peritoneal cavity. Emergency exploratory laparotomy done and pyloric perforation was noted and repaired by modified graham’s patch. The child, post-operatively, suffered from dys-electrolytemia and wound site infection and recovered with treatment.


Gastric perforation, Spontaneous perforation, Paediatric population, Peritonitis

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