Mesenteroaxial volvulus-an unusual association of gastric volvulus with wandering spleen: a case report


  • Abhishek Mishra Department of Radiodiagnosis, Military Hospital, Bathinda, Punjab, India
  • Deepshikha Mishra Department of General Surgery, Military Hospital, Bathinda, Punjab, India
  • Birma Ram Department of Radiodiagnosis, Military Hospital, Jodhpur, India
  • Anushree Mishra Department of Emergency Medicine, Military Hospital, Bathinda, Punjab, India



Gastric volvulus, Wandering spleen, Mesentero-axial volvulus


Gastric volvulus is a rare clinical entity characterised by an abnormal rotation of one part of stomach around other. Wandering spleen is also an another rare clinical entity characterised by a mobile spleen that can migrate from its normal position to any part of the abdominal cavity. Gastric volvulus had an usual association with wandering spleen. A wandering spleen itself predisposed to gastric volvulus and splenic torsion. Both are potentially life threatening if left untreated. Herein, we reported a case of gastric volvulus in a 15 year old girl associated with wandering spleen and discussed the radiological findings so as to ensure an early and accurate diagnosis.


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