Published: 2022-03-28

Post auricular dermoid cyst: a rare occurrence

Abhijeet Dilip Kharche, Sriranjani Iyer


Dermoid cysts are cystic, unilocular mobile soft tissue swelling, presenting with usually no symptoms; over midline of the body. Faciomaxillary dermoid cysts are a rare entity. They may be congenital or acquired. Congenital dermoid cysts are due to embryological defects in the fusion of six Hillocks of His. Acquired variety may be due to any penetrating injury. They must be differentiated from lipomas, hemangiomas, keloids and epidermoid cysts. We report a 15-year male child with cystic swelling on the left post auricular region which was found to be a dermoid cyst with no intracranial communication on ultrasound scan and facial computed tomography scan; with final confirmation on histopathological examination after surgical excision for cosmetic reasons.


Dermoid cyst, Ear, Post-auricular

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