Published: 2022-03-28

A rare case report on cancer en Cuirasse of male breast

Ashiq Ahmed, S. Swetha Priyadharshini, R. Kannan


Breast carcinoma in men represents approximately 1% of all breast cancers and 1% of all malignancies in men. The incidence of male breast cancer appears to be increasing. The risk increases with age, and the median age of diagnosis for men is later than that for women. There are several known risk factors for male breast carcinoma, including genetic predisposition, prior radiation exposure, alterations of the estrogen- testosterone ratio, and occupational hazards. 62 year old male came with chief complaints of papulonodular lesion over both breast which is progressive for the past one year associated with pain, itching and bloody discharge. Bilateral axilla on palpation had mobile, non tender, hard, multiple nodes in the anterior axillary and central group. FNAC from the node revealed metastatic carcinomatous deposits. Edge biopsy taken from the lesion revealed invasive breast carcinoma-no special type. Cutaneous metastasis is a phenomenon that results from a tumor spreading via lymphatic or vascular embolization, direct implant during surgery or skin involvement by contiguity. The primary malignant tumor that most commonly metastasizes to the skin is breast cancer, which can be manifested through papulonodular lesions, satellite nodules, erysipeloid or sclerodermiform infiltration, en cuirasse.


Cancer en Cuirasse, Male breast carcinoma, Cutaneous metastasis, Papulonodular lesion, Satellite nodules

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