Published: 2022-03-28

Unusual glass foreign body in the urinary bladder: a COVID-19 lockdown effect

Satyadeo Sharma, Deepak K. Biswal, Amit R. Sharma, Arvind K. Gupta


A variety of foreign bodies/objects have been recovered from the urinary bladder and urethra. However, trauma may also be a cause of delayed intravesical foreign body presentation. Delayed presentation with minimal bothersome symptoms and with no other associated organ injury is very unusual. As per available literature on urinary bladder FBs, this is the rare case in which isolated glass foreign body was recovered from urinary bladder. A 38-year-old male presented with complaints of pain in the lower abdomen after passing urine and occasional terminal haematuria after straining on stools, for 5-6 months. Patient gave history that he had a fall over glass table while dusting a ceiling fan 6 months ago. He had glass piece injury to left buttock. Due to COVID-19 lockdown he was unable to contact nearby health facility, so, he self-removed a glass piece from buttock wound. Patient was planned for cystoscopy with exploration and removal of foreign body under spinal anaesthesia. Detailed history and examination are of paramount importance in intravesical foreign body cases. Cross-sectional imaging should be done to rule out associated adjacent organ injury and retained foreign body parts. Sharp glass foreign body in urinary bladder should be removed via cystotomy in order to avoid mucosal injury by sharp edges.  


Foreign body urinary bladder, TRAUMA, COVID-19 lockdown, Cystotomy

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