Primary lymphedema of the left lower limb in a new-born boy: a case report


  • A. P. Sharath Department of Pediatric Surgery, Gandhi Medical College and Associated, Kamla Nehru and Hamidia Hospitals, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Rajendra K. Ghritlaharey Department of Pediatric Surgery, Gandhi Medical College and Associated, Kamla Nehru and Hamidia Hospitals, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India



Case report, Congenital anomaly, Cystic swelling, Lymphedema, Primary lymphedema


A 7-day-old boy was admitted with a history of swelling involving his left lower limb since birth. He was born normally to a Gravida 1, Para-0, to a 22-years-old mother. Antenatal history was nothing significant. His clinical examination revealed left lower limb swelling and was suggestive of primary lymphedema. It involved from the ankle area up to the groin of the left side of the limb. His right lower limb and both upper limbs were normal. His other systemic examination was also normal. He was treated with aseptic needle aspiration of the lymphatic fluid, and a compression dressing was applied. He suddenly died of an unknown reason while sleeping at around 4.00 AM on the third post aspiration day.  


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