Published: 2022-02-28

Giant lipoma over the back

Ketan Vagholkar, Isha Bhatnagar, Suvarna Vagholkar


Lipoma is one of the most common soft tissue tumor arising from the mesenchyme. It is slow growing, encapsulated, and usually benign in nature. Tumors over the back, shoulder, and neck region have a high propensity to assume large size thereby getting redefined as a giant lipoma when they exceed 10 cm in width or weigh more than 1000 grams. MRI is the investigation of choice for evaluating giant lipomas. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) or frozen section may be pertinent in suspected cases of liposarcoma. Complete surgical incision is the treatment of choice. A case of a giant lipoma on the back of a 64-year-old lady is presented with a view to revisit conceptual understanding of the clinical evaluation, investigation, and management of giant lipomas.


Giant, Lipoma, Back, Diagnosis, Treatment

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