A rare case of isolated pancreatic injury in blunt trauma abdomen

Devi Thirunavukkarasu, Sriram Khanna, Shanthi Ponnandai Swaminathan, R. Kannan


Injury to the pancreas by a blunt trauma is very rare and accounts for less than 2% of all abdominal injuries. It can be acute or delayed presentation. CT abdomen is the major imaging method in the diagnosis of abdominal visceral injuries. We can confirm pancreatic main duct injuries with magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) or ERCP by contrast extravasation. ERCP has also been used therapeutically with transpapillary stunting across the pancreatic duct disruption or simply across the sphincter of Oddi aiming at a reduction of the intrapancreatic pressure gradient. There are several surgery options for which can be employed to manage this injuries.


Blunt trauma abdomen, Isolated pancreatic injury, Pancreatic duct injury

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