A rare case of postpartum parietal abscess in the right lower abdomen after full term normal vaginal delivery

Vaibhav Raj Gopal, Rohit Srivastava, Sanjay Kumar Bhat, Harendra Pankaj


Postpartum period is a crucial time both for the mother and baby. Complications during this phase can cause a lot of mental trauma and economic loss. A 36-year-old P5+0 lady presented with pain in the abdomen with fever in the second week postpartum. She had superficial right lower abdominal tenderness. Her normal vaginal delivery was uneventful. CT scan revealed a collection between the parietal layer and rectus muscle extending up to the pelvis with no intraperitoneal extension. She was managed successfully by incision and drainage with appropriate antibiotic coverage. Finally, she was discharged with no fresh complains and stable vitals. Such an unusual complication following normal vaginal delivery is very rare and seldomly reported.



Postpartum, Abdominal wall abscess, Puerperal sepsis

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