Management of basal cell carcinoma: our experience at tertiary care institute


  • Seema Mittal Department of Surgery, Sri Guru Ramdas University of Health Sciences and Research, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Tejinder Singh Dall Government Medical College, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Raman Mittal I plast Hospital, Amritsar, Punjab, India



BCC, Wide local excision, Mohs microsurgery, Skin flap, Split skin grafting


Background: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a slow growing, locally invasive and most common skin cancer. Its etiology is mostly linked to exposure to U.V. rays in sunlight. Diagnosis is mostly clinical and wide local excision is main treatment modality.

Methods: The study was conducted on 50 cases of BCC diagnosed at Sri Guru Ramdas University of Health Sciences during a study period extending from January 2013 to January 2021. In the present study various variables associated with BCC i.e. age, gender, size, site, and histopathology were studies.

Results: The present study was conducted on 50 patients of BCC. Total number of males was 32 (64%) and there were 18 (36%) females. Mean age of patients presented with BCC was 65 years and SD=14.054. It was observed that most common site of lesion was infra orbital region 12 (24%). Size of lesion varied from 1 to 3 cm and wide local excision with flap was most commonly performed procedure at our Institute. Nodular sclerosing was observed to be the most common histopathological type accounted for 35 (70%) of total cases.

Conclusions: BCC is a common surface malignancy amenable to early detection and potential cure. Infra orbital region is most common site and nodular sclerosing is most common histopathological type. Wide local excision remains the heart of treatment.  



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