The mysterious chronic finger pain- glomus tumour: a case report


  • Rajranjan Kumar Department of Surgery, Durgapur Steel Plant Hospital, J. M. Sengupta Road, Durgapur, Bardhhaman, West Bengal, India



Finger, Glomus tumour, MRI hand, Pain


Glomus tumours are very rare, small, painful benign hamartomas, arising from the arterial end of the glomus body. Glomus tumors account for 1-2% of the soft tissue tumors in the hand. The exact etiopathogenesis is unknown. It is incapacitating to the patients because of chronicity of symptoms and lack of proper investigative tools to diagnose the tumor at an early stage. The clinical diagnosis was made on the basis of medical history and MRI findings. We report a case of glomus tumor in a 35-year-old female, situated in the pulp of distal phalanx of right middle finger, which was resected completely. Excision of lesion imparted complete resolution of symptoms.  The histopathological report was consistence with glomus tumor.


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