Published: 2021-11-26

Do you think of gangrenous gallbladder following blunt trauma abdomen? a rare case report

Nilesh Jagne, Ajay Kumar, Ajay Dhiman, Vishal Patil, Madhur Uniyal


Isolated gangrenous gallbladder secondary to blunt trauma abdomen (BTA) is the rarest entity comes with great challenge due to low incidence. Gallbladder injury was reported to be between 1.9%-2.1% of all abdominal trauma, out of it, gall bladder rupture seen in <1%. Till date only one case report has been published. Clinical presentation of gallbladder injury is variable, resulting in a delay in diagnosis and treatment. This case report describes a significant mechanism of blunt force injury resulting in an isolated gangrenous gallbladder as it is a relatively well-protected organ; consequently, its gangrenous following blunt abdominal injury is rare and usually associated with other visceral injuries. Almost all gallbladder injuries following blunt trauma are associated with other significant intra-abdominal injuries and in the setting of acute trauma. We recommend an open procedure to facilitate a detailed exploration to exclude associated injuries. We report a case of a healthy 23years old adult male who sustained isolated gangrenous gallbladder following BTA who sustained injury following fall from riding a two wheeler motor cycle. We recommend an open cholecystectomy procedure to facilitate a detailed exploration to exclude associated injuries and has a good outcome.


Blunt trauma abdomen, Gangrenous gallbladder, Gallbladder injuries, Cholecystectomy

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