Gallbladder ascariasis: a case report and review of literature


  • Azwa Janjua King Edward MEdical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore
  • Muhammad Zeeshan Sarwar King Edward MEdical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore
  • Muhammad Shahid Farooq King Edward MEdical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore
  • Sadaf Iftikhar King Edward MEdical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore
  • Syed Asghar Naqi King Edward MEdical University, Mayo Hospital, Lahore



Cholecystitis, Gallbladder ascariasis, Ascaris lumbricoides


Ascaris Lumbricoides uncommonly presents as a cholecystitis due to anatomical considerations. Despite that it presents 2.1% of the hepatobiliary ascariasis. Patients usually have vague symptoms of vague abdominal pain sometimes with fever, mimicking cholecystitis. Ultrasonography (USG) helps in definite diagnosis. We present a case of 50 years old female with gallbladder ascariasis for which cholecystectomy was done successfully.


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