Published: 2021-10-28

The role in the decision-making of the surgeon in choledochal cysts during pregnancy

Carlos F. Nicolás-Cruz, Paola I. Pech-Cervantes, Juan A. Loyo-Cosme, Omar M. Herrera-Ortiz de Ora, Jorge A. Ordoñez-García, Fabiola Valdez-Maldonado, Jose Manuel Degante-Aguilar


The diagnosis and management of bile duct diseases during pregnancy are highly controversial because preserving both the fetus and pregnancy often required surgical intervention. In this manuscript we reported three cases of pregnant patients referred to our hospital with choledochal cyst. Medical management was implemented until fetal well-being was compromise with moderate cholangitis and oligohydramnios. A C-section prior induction with lung ripeness was performed, four weeks later cyst resection and biliodigestive derivation was performed prior preoperative parenteral total nutrition was implemented. All patients and products survived without complications.  


Choledochal cyst, Pregnancy, Hepp couinaud biliary-digestive derivation

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