Published: 2021-09-28

Surgical management of gynaecomastia by using cross chest liposuction and limited periareolar incision for gland excision: an interesting case report

Madhusoodan Gupta, Deepti Varshney


Gynaecomastia is excessive or abnormal enlargement of male breast tissue. It is one of a common problem among young men. The term gynaecomastia means female like enlargement of male breast due to increase ductal tissue, stroma or fat. Most common cause of gynaecomastia is idiopathic. Surgical treatment of gynaecomastia involves liposuction and glandular excision and in few cases skin excision. Here author presents a case of 24 years old young healthy male with Simon’s grade 2B bilateral gynaecomastia. He had stubborn fat over bilateral chest which was resistant to exercise. Gynaecomastia was mixed type in characteristic having adipose tissue as well as glandular tissue enlargement. Bilateral liposuction and glandular excision by limited periareolar incision under general anesthesia as a day care procedure was done. In our procedure we used Cross chest liposuction. Patient was discharged at the same evening without any complications. After four months of follow up patient has male pattern chest with almost invisible scar and intact Nipple areolar complex (NAC) sensation.


Gynaecomastia, Ductal tissue, Stroma, Cross chest liposuction, Nipple areolar complex

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