Spigelian hernia: a rare case presentation

Hemant Panditrao Mhatre, Vijay Bhaskarrao Kanake, Vipul Versi Nandu


Spigelian hernia is a variety of abdominal wall hernia occurring through a slit like defect in the anterior abdominal wall (semilunar line) at the level of arcuate lines. It is a very rare with only thousand cases reported in literature. It constitutes 0.12% of the abdominal wall hernia. Thorough clinical examination with radiological scans help in diagnosis of this rare entity. Treatment of Spigelian hernia is operative repair once the diagnosis has been confirmed given the risk of incarceration. Here we report this interesting case of Spigelian hernia in a 50 years female as a rare entity among all external abdominal wall hernias.


Spigelian, Hernia, Semilunar line, Arcuate line

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