Published: 2021-09-28

COVID vaccine related lower limb gangrene: the first case report

Nishant Lal, Saajid Ali Khan, Aiswarya R. Pillai, Shafy Ali Khan


Though there have been multiple cases of arterial thrombosis and gangrene of limbs reported following COVID-19 infections, there has not been any case reported following COVID-19 vaccinations. Here we reported a case of acute lower limb ischemia following COVID-19 vaccination in a 32 year male with no co-morbidities. The clinical symptoms and signs related to lower limb ischemia started 2 weeks after COVID-19 vaccination. Despite anticoagulation, thrombo embolectomy and intraluminal catheter guided thrombolysis, patient’s left forefoot became gangrenous and had to be amputated.


COVID-19 vaccine, Lower limb ischemia, Gangrene, COVID related vascular complications

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