Brachial artery perforator propeller flap reconstruction of post electrical burn defect axilla

Surya Rao Venkata Mahipathy, Alagar Raja Durairaj, Narayanamurthy Sundaramurthy, Anand Prasath Jayachandiran, Suresh Rajendran


In the current scenario, propeller flaps are an attractive choice for single stage coverage of a large number of defects. They have a more reliable vascular pedicle than traditional flap and allow for greater freedom in design and wide mobilization and minimal donor-site morbidity. Harvesting of a propeller flap requires appropriate patient selection, preoperative planning, and meticulous dissection and these techniques greatly reduce the complication rates. Here, we present a case of a post burn raw area of the right axilla which was debrided and covered with a brachial artery perforator propeller flap.


Brachial perforator, Propeller flap, Doppler, Upper limb

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