Published: 2021-08-27

Spontaneous splenic rupture in a patient with chronic granulocytic leukemia

Hector Vergara Miranda, Raúl Omar Martínez Zarazúa, Mayra Alexandra Hernandez Ramírez, José Angel Rodríguez Briseño, Gerardo Enrique Muñoz Maldonado


Spontaneous splenic rupture is a rare phenomenon that is not associated with trauma. The most common causes of splenic rupture are hematological diseases (30.3%), inflammatory diseases (20%), infectious diseases (27.3%), drugs (9.2%), mechanical disorders (6.8%), and unknown causes (6.4%). Spontaneous splenic rupture secondary to hematological malignancy is rare; in this group of patients, chronic granulocytic leukemia is the main cause. The mechanism of spontaneous splenic rupture is uncertain. Three mechanisms have been suggested: the mechanical effect of leukemia and its infiltration in the spleen, especially if the capsule is invaded; splenic infarction with subsequent subcapsular hemorrhage and rupture of the splenic capsule, and coagulation abnormalities.


Spontaneous splenic rupture, Hematological malignancy, Emergency splenectomy

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