Published: 2021-06-28

Study of the risk factors for post-operative hypocalcemia after thyroid surgery

Valarmathi Marimuthu, Bhuvaneswari Murugan


Background: Hypocalcemia is still a common post-operative consequence following total thyroidectomy, generating potentially serious symptoms and concern in patients and lengthening hospital stays. This study was conducted to evaluate the risk factors for post-operative hypocalcemia after thyroid surgery.

Methods: In this study, 60 patients who underwent thyroidectomy were included. Patients with concomitant lymph node dissection and hypocalcemia were excluded from the study. Serial serum calcium measures were taken and information about the operation, such as the patient's age and gender, whether the inferior thyroid artery was ligated or not, and the pathological report.

Results: In 60 patients, 17 patients were had post-operative hypocalcemia. 3 in 5 patients (60%) with Hashimoto thyroiditis had hypocalcemia, followed by toxic multinodular goiter (MNG) (37.5%), thyroid adenomas (33.33%) and Graves’ disease (33.33%) had hypocalcemia after thyroidectomy.

Conclusions: To conclude, hypocalcemia is a common side effect of total thyroid surgery, and it is caused by the unintentional removal of parathyroid glands or injury or spasm of the blood arteries that supply them.


Hypocalcemia, Thyroidectomy, Thyroid disease, Parathyroid

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