Published: 2021-07-28

Abdominal cocoon syndrome with enigmatic etiology

Naveenkumar Viswanathan, Sabari Girieasen M., Sourabh Mukharjee


Abdominal cocoon is a rare condition leading to acute or chronic bowel obstruction. Though multiple etiologies have been defined, many are idiopathic. We had three different cases of intestinal obstruction. First one was a case of intestinal obstruction in a young female and was diagnosed to have tuberculosis. She had abdominal cocoon along with perforation where even adhesiolysis was unsuccessful. Second one was a cause of right inguinal hernia in a 62-year-old male. Bowel was enclosed in a membrane and diagnosed as localised variant of abdominal cocoon. Membrane was removed and right herniorrhaphy was done. Third one was a 35-year-old male with abdominal cocoon. No previous tuberculosis history was noted and adhesiolysis was done. Thus, abdominal cocoon can present with enigmatic etiology and presentation. Only an occasional case can be due to tuberculosis as described in literature. It must always be a differential diagnosis for a case of acute or chronic intestinal obstruction. 


Abdominal cocoon, Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis, Intestinal obstruction

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