Safety and efficacy of rivaroxaban compared to standard anticoagulant therapy in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis in Indian population


  • Anantharaju G. S. Department of General Surgery, S. S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Basavarajappa M. Department of General Surgery, S. S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Vikram S. B. Department of General Surgery, S. S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Davangere, Karnataka, India
  • Ravishankar Y. R. Department of General Surgery, S. S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Davangere, Karnataka, India



Venous thromboembolism, Rivaroxaban, Vitamin K antagonist


Background: Pulmonary embolism (PE) is relatively a common cardiovascular complication following acute deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Around 10% of DVT patients exhibit clinical manifestations of PE. Oral drugs with adequate efficacy and safety are preferred over parenteral medications in long term prevention of PE. Our study compared rivaroxaban (factor XA inhibitor) with standard therapy (acetrom) in terms of efficacy and safety in the Indian population.

Methods: Patients presenting to department of general surgery at S. S. institute of medical science and research centre during the period from March 2018 to September 2020 with clinical signs and venous duplex study proven acute DVT were included in the study. Total of 64 patients were randomized into rivaroxaban group (N=28) and control group (N=36). Treatment included for rivaroxaban group was rivaroxaban (p/o) 15 mg twice daily for 21 days, followed by 20 mg once daily for 6 months. Treatment included for control group was enoxaparin (SC) overlapping with and followed by acitrom (p/o) for 6 months. The patients were looked for symptomatic recurrent PE and major or minor clinically relevant bleeding.

Results: Recurrent vein thrombosis noted in 1 (3.57%) patient of the rivaroxaban group and 4 (11.10%) patients in the control group. Minor bleeding seen in 3 (10.70%) patients in the rivaroxaban group and in 7 (19.40%) patients in the control group. No major bleeding was observed in rivaroxaban group and in 1 patient in the control group.

Conclusions: In patients with acute DVT, rivaroxaban is as efficacious as enoxaparin followed by acetram therapy, with a significantly lower rate of bleeding. 

Author Biography

Anantharaju G. S., Department of General Surgery, S. S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Davangere, Karnataka, India

Associate  professor

Departement of General Surgery


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