Published: 2021-07-28

Splenic abscess presenting as a case of pneumoperitoneum: a rare presentation

T. R. S. Prudhvi Raju, Shivani B. Paruthy, Sajith K. Mohan, Dawood I. Wani, Jaspreet S. Bajwa, Arun Anand, Kashinath Singh, Anirban Das, Rajguru Siwach


Pneumoperitoneum is more pathognomonic of ruptured hollow viscera which requires urgent surgical intervention. But uncommon surgical entities may present with pneumoperitoneum. Splenic abscess is a relatively rare medical condition that results from bacteraemia. Pneumoperitoneum in a ruptured splenic abscess is very uncommon and is often misdiagnosed as a perforation. Spontaneous rupture of splenic abscess is a life-threatening emergency mandating early surgical intervention. We report a case of ruptured splenic abscess which presented with peritonitis and pneumoperitoneum, managed successfully by splenectomy.


Splenic abscess, Ruptured splenic abscess, Pneumoperitoneum. Acute abdomen, Splenectomy

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