Superficial venous aneurysm of the great saphenous vein: a case report


  • Jayesh Patel Department of General Surgery, PramukhSwami Medical College, Anand, Gujarat, India
  • Arya Patel PramukhSwami Medical College, Anand, Gujarat, India
  • Akash Patel PramukhSwami Medical College, Anand, Gujarat, India
  • Ketul S. Barot PramukhSwami Medical College, Anand, Gujarat, India



Great saphenous vein aneurysm, Lower extremity superficial venous aneurysm, Femoral hernia


Superficial venous aneurysms are rare clinical entity. They can remain asymptomatic to be detected incidentally or can present with pain. They can be readily diagnosed by duplex ultrasonography or discovered only during surgical exploration. The objective of this clinical case report is to highlight this rare occurrence and avoid misdiagnosis. A 69-year-old male presented at our tertiary care hospital with complaints of pain and swelling which was gradually increasing in size. Initially it was misdiagnosed to be femoral hernia, and the diagnosis of Great Saphenous Vein aneurysm was made following duplex ultrasonography. Following which, the patient underwent successful surgical excision.  


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