Published: 2021-06-28

Bowel obstruction in obturator hernia: a challenging diagnosis

Nimisha Ramachandran Chemmangattuvalappil, Babu John Pulluvelil, Ravindran Chirukandath, Santosh Vijayan Thekoot, Bobby Sebastian


The obturator hernia is a rare pelvic hernia that presents as bowel obstruction caused by the presence of an intestinal segment, more often ileum passing through obturator foramen. This type of hernia accounts for 0.5-1.4% of all hernias. We reported the clinical case of a 74 year old woman with no previous surgical interventions, presented to ER with abdominal pain and distension, features of intestinal obstruction, which she had experienced for previous three days. A CT scan revealed a right jejunal, obstructed obturator hernia. The patient underwent an emergency surgical intervention with emergency exploratory laparotomy and repair. This case was presented as obturator hernia was a rare type of hernia due to its diagnosis, which is often unclear with non-specific pain radiating to legs mimicking neurological symptoms. A prompt suspect based for the non-specific symptoms is crucial for the diagnosis. Surgical management depends on early diagnosis and it is the only possible treatment for this pathology.


Strangulation, Obturator Hernia, Laparotomy

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