Published: 2021-06-28

A rare case of spindle cell tumour of mesentery

Aftab S. Shaikh, Amarjeet E. Tandur, Ahana Ghosh, Ajay H. Bhandarwar, Lavina Loungani, Nilofar A. Shaikh


We herein reported a rare case of a patient who developed a spindle cell tumor of the mesentery. A 45 years old female with a previous history of hysterectomy presented with pain in the abdomen for two weeks. CT scan was suggestive of a well-defined solid, enhancing lesion in the right pelvic region and iliac fossa measuring 10.9×13.9×15.1 cm, abutting right ovary, ileocaecal junction, caecum, appendix and rectosigmoid junction (possible differentials) are right ovarian neoplastic lesion or desmoid tumor. The patient was planned for surgery underwent laparotomy, where the mass appeared to originate from the mesentery (15×12) in dimensions and was adherent to distal ileum and caecum. The mass was inseparable, hence, the right quadra colectomy was taken and the whole mass with distal ileum and caecum and right colon was excised and ileocolic anastomosis was done. The tumor was histologically diagnosed as a spindle cell tumor. Follow up of the patient had been uneventful.


Spindle cell tumor, Mesentery, Quadracolectomy

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