Published: 2021-06-28

A rare case of unilateral breast filariasis mimicking chronic mastitis

Varsha A. Sharma, Manmohan M. Kamat, Jeena K. Sathyan, Seema Barman, Shravani Shetye


Filariasis of the breast is a very rare condition. In India, largest number (around 600 million) of people live in endemic areas. Despite the huge number, it is quite rare to find microfilaria in routine smears and body fluids and it is even more rare to find it in breasts. A 40 years old female, presented with a history of lump in the right breast approximately 3x3 cm in size in the right lower quadrant. Findings were confirmed by clinical examination which did not reveal any palpable ipsilateral or contralateral axillary lymph nodes. FNAC showed it as a benign lesion. After local excision, histopathology revealed a filarial worm. Filariasis of the breast is a rare disease. The presence of microfilaria in breasts using FNAC has been reported at times but the presence of the filarial worms can only be confirmed on histopathology, hence a core biopsy or an excision biopsy is a must in all the cases. A presumptive diagnosis of filariasis can be made on sonography if the worms are alive and active, the typical presentation on USG is the filarial dance. Surgical excision of the lump followed by DEC therapy is the treatment of choice for filarial lump of the breast.


Filariasis, Chronic mastitis, Breast filariasis, Wuchereria bancrofti

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