Published: 2021-06-28

A rare case scenario: spontaneous diaphragmatic rupture during labor

Shambhu Nath Agrawal, Amit Verma, Sunil Kedia, Amol Padegaonkar, Hari Shankar Mahobia


Diaphragmatic rupture during labor is not a very common presentation and usually occurs in patients with prior history of traumatic chest or abdominal injury or any congenital abnormality. We presented a case of a 29 year old woman who presented with sudden breathing difficulty two days after a full-term delivery by caesarean section. e-FAST scan suggested the presence of a massive pleural effusion over right side. CT scan of chest revealed large rent in right diaphragm with superior migration of liver and hepatic flexure. Patient was taken for emergent surgical intervention, inter coastal drainage (ICD) tube was placed and surgical repair was performed, patient was further treated in critical care unit, the patient recovered well and was discharged. Though diaphragmatic hernia rupture during labor are not reported often it is life threatening complication that requires immediate surgical intervention to prevent major complications and mortality.


Spontaneous diaphragm rupture, Complication post-labor, Management of diaphragmatic rupture

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