Published: 2021-06-28

Successful surgical management of primary abdominal wall mucormycosis in an immunocompetent patient

Krishna Ramavath, Kailash Kurdiya, Satish Subbiah Nagaraj, Lileswar Kaman, Arunanshu Behera, Cherring Tandup


Primary abdominal wall mucormycosis rarely occur in immunocompetent, non-diabetic patients but may affectin patients with traumatic injury with contaminated wounds and patients underlying malignancies usually infiltrating into skin. Herein we are reporting a case of primary cutaneous mucormycosis in a 17-year-old male without immunodeficiency or any comorbidity. He was managed with multiple debridement of the wound and intravenous amphotericin B therapy with cumulative dose of 2000 mg of liposomal amphotericin B followed by split skin grafting. We would like to emphasize the importance of high index of suspicionof fungal sepsis and early start of antifungal therapy in this condition can reduce high rate of mortality and management of large wound with split skin grafting in same setting to avoid morbidity.


Primary cutaneous mucormycosis, Immunocompetent, Abdominal wall, Skin grafting

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