Published: 2021-06-28

Leiomyoma of mesentery in a young male: a case report and review of literature

Sreepriya P. P., Shreekant Bharti, Ashesh Kumar Jha, Manoj Kumar


Primary tumours of mesentery are relatively rare, and its biological behaviour is unpredictable. We herein describing a case of incidentally detected mesenteric leiomyoma along with review of literature in a 19-year-old gentleman, who had a mass in the mesentery of terminal ileum, which was detected during surgery. Mesentric masses can be both solid as well as cystic. Published reports have consisted of small numbers of cases, which makes it difficult to determine the incidence of specific tumor types. Reasonable estimates of incidence ranges from 1 case per 200,000 population and in 30-40% cases they are cystic and more in females. Diagnosis is delayed unless they become symptomatic with haemorrhage, obstruction or mass per abdomen. As primary mesenteric tumors are rare, particularly in young patients, it is considered important that this type of unusual tumor be included in the differential diagnosis for mesenteric tumors. Since the biologic behaviour of mesenteric smooth muscle tumours seems to be unpredictable long term follow up is warranted.


Mesentery, Leiomyoma, Neoplasm, Young adult, Case report

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