A rare case of giant pseudocyst of pancreas extending up to anterior abdominal wall requiring Roux en Y cystojejunostomy

Suresh G., Ramchandar Ramanan, Sureshkumar Ayyappan


Pancreatic pseudocyst is rather a common complication following pancreatitis and chronic alcoholism related. Only few cases of giant pseudocyst measuring more than 10 cm of size or more in widest diameter has been reported in the literature. Possible attributable factors for less reported cases may be due to discripancies in sizing classification, in several studies the term 'large' or 'huge' were used instead of 'giant' when cyst measuring 10 cm or larger in its widest diameter. Pancreatic pseudocyst is usually sterile but when get secondarily infected may lead to life threatening complications such as pancreatc abscess which becomes very difficult to treat. Hence proper and timely intervention of giant pancreatic pseudocyst would probably reduce the risk of developing such dangerous complications. In the treatment of pancreatic pseudocyst to prevent recurrence and especially in protection of endocrine function of pancreas internal drainage is found to be more beneficial when compared to other modalities. This case demonstrates the successful use of Roux en Y cystojejunostomy to surgically drain a giant pancreatic pseudocyst at an unusual location.


Giant pseudocyst of pancreas, Roux En Y cystojejunostomy,Chronic pancreatitis.

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