Published: 2021-05-28

Intraoperative transthoracic ultrasonography in hepatopulmonary hydatid cyst disease: seeing beyond the horizon

Komal Gupta, Ankita Singh, Deepti Singh, Gopal Puri, Pritam Yadav, Kamal Kataria


Liver is the most common organ involved in hydatid disease. But involvement of multiple organs simultaneously is not unheard of. Here we have presented our experience with one such similar case with involvement of lower lobe of right lung and segment VII of liver. There was spontaneous rupture of the lung hydatid cyst during the hospital stay. A right posterolateral thoracotomy was performed for evacuation of spilled hydatid cyst content from the right pleural cavity. Intraoperative ultrasound (IOUS) was used to locate and drain the hepatic hydatid cyst via the diaphragm. Such single incision surgery for hepatopulmonary hydatid disease is associated with lesser post-operative morbidity and early discharge from the hospital. Use of IOUS can significantly improve the rate of successful localization and drainage of hepatic hydatid cyst in transthoracic approach.



Intraoperative ultrasound, IOUS, Hydatid disease, Liver surgery, PAIR, Thoracotomy

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