Internal hernia - a rare cause of small bowel obstruction: a case report

Samir U. Rambhia, Premjeet Madhukar


Internal hernia means a protrusion into pouches or openings in the peritoneum or mesentry in contrast to the hernias through defects in the retaining walls of the abdomen. Internal hernias are of many varieties with different classifications and can be congenital or acquired post-surgery. We present a case of a 55 year old female who presented with symptoms of acute small bowel obstruction with previous history of exploratory laparotomy 20 years back for reasons not known to her. Routine blood investigations, chest and abdomen skiagram and a CECT abdomen were performed (which gave no significant clue to diagnosis) and after a failed conservative trial patient was taken for exploration. Intra operatively a gangrenous loop of small bowel was found herniating through a band between the small bowel mesentry and the sigmoid mesocolon, forming a closed loop obstruction. Resection anastomosis of the gangrenous segment along with band transection was performed. The post-operative course was uneventful. Internal herniation as a cause of bowel obstruction should always be kept in mind as a differential.


Gangrenous bowel, Internal hernia, Small bowel obstruction

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