Recurrent leiomyosarcoma with de-differentiation to chondrosarcoma and osteosarcoma: a case report


  • Zara Summers Gold Coast University Hospital
  • Aemelia Melloy Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia
  • Eshwarshanker Jeyarajan Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia
  • Timothy Wills Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia
  • David Parker Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia
  • Leigh Rutherford Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia
  • Philip Townend Department of Surgery, Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia



Leiomyosarcoma, Retroperitoneum, Chondrosarcoma, Osteosarcoma


Leiomyosarcoma are a rare type of tumour of smooth muscle that can be found in the retroperitoneum. There is a paucity of reported data around dedifferentiation of leiomyosarcoma. Our case report describes de-differentiation of recurrent leiomyosarcoma into osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma in a patient who had a local recurrence of his leiomyosarcoma. The recurrence is on a background of intermediate grade leiomyosarcoma of the retroperitoneum and he underwent his original resection in 2019 and included a right nephrectomy and right hemicolectomy. Our patient is currently undergoing radiotherapy and we will continue ongoing follow up for his progress.

Author Biography

Zara Summers, Gold Coast University Hospital

Surgical Registrar, Department of Surgery


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