Foramen of Winslow hernia: an open approach


  • Muhammad F. Rosley Department of General Surgery, Mackay Base Hospital, Mackay, Queensland, Australia
  • Senal Medagedara Department of General Surgery, Mackay Base Hospital, Mackay, Queensland, Australia
  • Marius Jordaan Department of General Surgery, Mackay Base Hospital, Mackay, Queensland, Australia



Foramen of Winslow, FWH, General surgery


Foramen of Winslow hernia (FWH) are considered rare even among other internal hernias. It was first described in 1834 and historically had a mortality rate of close to 50%. With modern advancement and availability of cross-sectional imaging, this number has improved dramatically to 5%. Operative management is required for all patients which can be performed with either an open or laparoscopic approach. Preventative measures for recurrence remain controversial as no case of recurrence has been reported to date. We present a case study of a 62 years old woman who presented to the emergency department with severe epigastric pain and a CT scan confirming an FWH. She underwent urgent laparotomy and the hernia was easily reducible without need of intestinal resection. We opted to fixate the right colon and close the foramen of Winslow to prevent future recurrence. She recovered from her surgery well and was discharged home without any complications.


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