Pediatric empyema thoracis: our surgical experience


  • Manisha Albal Department of Pediatric Surgery, NKPSIMS, Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Prasad Y. Bansod Department of General Surgery, GMC, Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Deep Mashru Department of Surgery, NKPSIMS, Nagpur, Maharashtra



Empyema thoracis, Pediatric empyema, VATS, Decortication, Open thoracotomy, Fibrinolytic therapy, Intercostal chest tube


Incidence of empyema is increasing despite various treatment modalities available. Management of pediatric empyema remains a challenge due to factors like malnutrition, poverty, TB, delay in early intervention and incomplete treatment course. It is necessary to address these issues at ground level. A short 2-year prospective study was carried out at a tertiary care teaching hospital where 17 consecutive cases of pediatric empyema were managed.  Among 17 cases, all patients intercostal tube drainage (ICD) was required. Six patients underwent surgical interventions [2 video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and 4 open thoracotomies] while 11 were managed on ICD and antibiotics. Fibrinolytic therapy was not administered in any case. Follow-up showed good lung expansion with apparent rib crowding in 3 cases and no mortality. Majority of empyema in children are post pneumonic. Chest tube drainage, antibiotics along with intrapleural fibrinolytic is a safe and effective method of treating empyema thoracis in children in resource- poor settings and can reduce the need for invasive interventions.

Author Biographies

Prasad Y. Bansod, Department of General Surgery, GMC, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery

Government Medical College & Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA

Deep Mashru, Department of Surgery, NKPSIMS, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Department of Surgery, NKP Salve institute of Medical sciences, Nagpur


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