Complex fibroadenoma with focal ossification- an enigmatic finding in a less common tumor

Subhransu Kumar Hota, Ranjana Giri, Hardik Kabra, Devika Chauhan, Prita Pradhan, Pran Singh Pujari


Breast lumps have diverse causes including benign as well as malignant lesions. Fibroadenoma (FA) is a common cause of breast lump. Complex fibroadenomas, a particular subtype, pose diagnostic dilemmas due to confusing the radiological findings and hold higher incidence of transformation to malignancy. A 49 year old female presented with a painless lump in right breast for 2 years which appeared calcified on radiology. Excision biopsy was performed which grossly revealed an encapsulated grey-white firm to hard with cystic areas. Microscopically the sections showed a well encapsulated fibroepithelial tumor showing areas of sclerosing adenosis, hyalinization, cysts lined by cuboidal cells with eosinophilic secretions, areas of calcification and ossification. No evidence of lobular hyperplasia or in-situ carcinoma was seen. Patient was advised follow up. This case represents the unusual occurrence of complex fibroadenoma in a middle-aged female showing with ossification.


Fibroepithelial, Calcification, Cyst

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