Published: 2021-03-26

A prospective study on appendicular mass

K. Ravichandran, R. Jayaraman, K. Nithya


Background: The immediate management of appendicular mass have always been controversial. Early appendicectomy (within 72 hours of presentation) is preferred in some cases, while in others non operative conservative management is advocated. Usually successful conservative management (Ochsner Sherren regimen) is followed by interval appendicectomy (6-8 weeks later). This study determines the outcome of different modalities of intervention in patients with appendicular mass.

Methods: A prospective study was conducted in Rajah Muthiah medical college hospital in department of general surgery from June 2018 to December 2020, in cases diagnosed to have appendicular mass. A total of 116 patients were included. After taking detailed history and clinical examination, relevant blood and radiological investigations, were done to achieve the final diagnosis. Presentation, examination findings, investigations, type of surgery, duration of surgery, post-operative complications and duration of hospital stay were studied. Data was collected, compiled, tabulated and analysed.

Results: Conservative management followed by interval appendicectomy had lesser incidence of complications like Intraoperative adhesions, surgical site infection, wound dehiscence and enterocutaneous fistula. It also had relatively lesser operative time and lesser period of hospital stay.

Conclusions: On comparing the different modalities of intervention, conservative management followed by interval appendicectomy is quite effective and safe method of treatment, with less operative difficulties and better outcome.


Appendicular mass, Interval appendicectomy, Ochsner Sherren regimen

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